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Chinese Food Update

I keep forgetting to mention this, but after the last time I abused this blog to complain about DC's Chinese food options, a savvy reader recommended Mr. Chen's Organic in Woodley Park. Potentially worth checking out, I thought, but I'm never in Woodley Park. More recently, though, I discovered that my house, though pretty far away, is in Mr. Chen's delivery range. The food is very good -- in NYC it'd be totally unremarkable, but "unremarkable by New York standards" is extraordinary in DC.

It also should be said that DC's Chinatown has at least two good places, Chinatown Express for cheap noodles and Full Kee for a broader menu. There's also good stuff in the suburbs. But for sitting-around-the-house-looking-for-delivery, Mr. Chen's is my new go-to source.