Annals of Demagoguery

MoveOn has overwhelmingly been a force for good in America, so it's disappointing to see them getting involved in this kind of hack antics:

Gasoline prices are predicted to be even higher than last summer, even though Big Oil just announced record profits.

Enough is enough! A bill in the House would make gasoline price gouging a federal crime, and it could pass this week! Can you help be sure it does?

Uh huh. I like the idea that it's weird that prices are high "even though" profits are also high and that this is the evidence of "gouging." Oil companies are a kind of a blight the planet, soaking up subsidies they don't deserve and lobbying against emissions regulations we need, so one hesitates to come to their defense. Nevertheless, what makes the oil companies bad is their opposition to much-needed policy changes. The solution is to adopt the policy changes we need -- higher CAFE standards, higher gasoline taxes, a carbon tax, a well-designed cap and trade regime, whatever -- piling this farce on top of the status quo doesn't solve anything.