Also: The Sky Is Blue

Jonah Goldberg deploys the reality-proof shield known as media bias:

The liberal media loves — loves! — casting evangelicals as sexually hung up prudes. It should not detract from the basic unfairness of this bias to also concede that some evangelical leaders have supplied their enemies with ample ammo in this regard.

Sorry, no. The media, famously, doesn't have a really solid grasp on the nuances of Christian theology and arguably errs by tending to use the term "Evangelical" as synonymous with "sexually hung-up Protestant prude" rather than offer a more doctrinally correct interpretation, but it's simply true that the evangelical Christians who want gays back in the closet, who have their daughters sign virginity pledges, who push abstinence only sex education, etc., etc., etc. are sexually hung-up prudes. It's not an "unfair bias" that Christian Right leaders fuel with "ammunition" -- the essence of the Christian Right political program is increased government repression of human sexuality.

This would be like Goldberg saying that the media has this weird habit of portraying environmental groups as obsessed with their loathing of pollution.