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Kriston Capps praises Blake Gopnik's review of Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait. One problem -- Kriston hasn't actually seen the film. Well, when he was trying his best to see it a week and a half ago, I was actually there in the Hirschorn screening room, and let me tell you that the main difficulty with the film is that it's deadly, deadly boring. One of the most soporific things I've ever seen. Just a really, truly incredibly boring movie. I didn't even dislike it as much as my girlfriend who kept apologizing afterwards for having suggested it (perhaps we were one of Gopnik's "sporty young couples out on dates").

At any rate, Gopnik seems to have missed this part of the enterprise, so let me just repeat once more because I cannot emphasize this enough -- it's a really, really, really boring film. If you're saying to yourself, "man, I'd like to see a dull movie about soccer," though, you should definitely try to check it out.