Now I Remember Why Everyone Hates Him

Over the past season, I'd sort of come to like Kobe Bryant. Then you read something like this:

The Lakers who were seen at the end of the season might look a lot like those that return for the start of 2007-08, with some minor additions here and there. It isn't sitting well with Kobe Bryant.

"I want to see us get to a contending level," he said Saturday with firmness in his voice. "I want to see us become a championship contender. It's been a frustrating process for me and I'm sure it's been a frustrating process for all Laker fans. I'm just hoping we can get to that level. I'm still frustrated. I'm waiting for them to make some changes."

Look, I feel his pain. But unlike a lot of players facing this sort of situation, Kobe actually was in a situation where he had the sort of teammates he needed to compete at a top level. He just couldn't get along with Shaq.