Enough metavlogging (for the moment! I'm working on a hot new film that'll hopefully be released fairly soon) and back to vlogging as it was meant to be -- diavlogging. Yes! Without those useful flash players or blog embeds on BloggingHeadsTV. Yglesias and Douthat in an express 30 minute edition, talking mostly about the sad-sack GOP field. While you're over there, I found Mark Schmitt and Rosa Brooks on raising girls in the "post-feminist" era pretty fascinating; perhaps they specially calibrated their discussion of this topic to appeal to the childless male demographic, but I'm actually betting most people would like it even more than I did.

I see some BHTV commenters are already confused by the t-shirt I'm wearing in the diavlog. That's a classic original "Free Darko" shirt courtesy of the Free Darko blog. Darko Milicic was selected second overall in the excellent 2003 NBA draft (ahead of Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and Josh Howard, among others) by the Detroit Pistons who famously kept him chained on the pine while fellow members of his draft class were working there way to superstardom. The shirt itself is now outdated as Darko was freed thanks to a trade to Orlando which has given him the playing time needed to establish himself as an utterly mediocre player.