Talking About Iran

I have in my inbox a speech Nancy Pelosi delivered to the Knesset. This is the part about Iran. It pointedly doesn't include any silly "all options are on the table" posturing:

And together, we must have a simple message for Tehran, whose support of Hezbollah is well known. Iran must not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. The time to leverage all our power is now, and the way to do it is through diplomacy - with stronger sanctions and smarter policy choices.

Under Chairman Tom Lantos' leadership, the U.S. Congress is moving to put additional pressure on Iran by expanding and tightening our sanctions regime. I am certain that our Administration will use all of its influence with Security Council members and states in the region to see that they do the same.

Iran is not just an Israeli problem or a regional problem. Iran is a problem for the world.

I don't think that's that hard to do. It's also not all I would have to say about Iran policy, but considering the audience Pelosi seems to me to be getting this right.