Stay Classy, LGF

Via Mona at Jim Henley's place, Reason's Michael Young spouts some nonsense about Nancy Pelosi's trip to Damascus, observing, "Writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Claudia Rosett observed that Pelosi was 'nuts' to visit Damascus. In the National Review, the editors thought the speaker raised 'the white flag all over the Middle East.' In the Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes got a few good licks in. Here is my own contribution in the Daily Star, which Little Green Footballs was kind enough to link to. The comments section makes it interesting."

The "interesting" comment thread really is interesting. The sheer number of people who believe Pelosi should be prosecuted under the Logan Act is fascinating. I wonder why they think the political impact of an unpopular president using a Dead Letter law to seek the incaraceration of a popular House Speaker over a policy dispute would be. You get the hilarious assertion that the GOP "can't keep relying on Coulter, Hannity and Rush to get the facts out there" and needs to do more to get its message out. We learn that congressional Democrats have managed "hogtied [Bush] on every aspect of this war." Someone analogizes Pelosi to a stripper. One refers to "the traitorous chick with the Hijab spewing lies to our enemy." Several commenters state that Pelosi wore a burqa. Another refers to Pelosi as "the Caliphellator." Terms like "stunning cunt" and "tw*t." Yet another suggests Pelosi may want to "give chavez a hand job." Then many, many more people discuss the brilliance of prosecuting Pelosi under the Logan act before someone suggests Dick Cheney should run for president. I got through 100 comments, though there are well over 600 at this point.