I find myself heartened by Multiple Choice Mitt winning the Q1 money primary on the GOP side. It seems like his campaign is dead, and this cash will just go to tarnishing his rivals. And even if that's wrong, he strikes me as both a less formidable general election candidate than Rudy Giuliani and would probably be a less pernicious president, depending on exactly how much of his bizarre war-related rhetoric he actually believes. Josh Marshall observed yesterday that no politician can afford to appear ridiculous and speculated that John McCain Baghdad stroll was his moment of tipping into the ridicule zone.

Romney, I think, comes almost pre-approved as ridiculous. The fact that his campaign seems somewhat ashamed to admit that their fundraising success is related to Mormons being excited about the idea of a Mormon president doesn't, to me, indicate that this operation is really going to get off the ground even with all the cash.