Racism in the Morning

I really liked Eugene Robinson's colum on the Imus affair. I'm a bit surprised the Post headlined it "Misogyny in the Morning," however, since what he's clearly trying to say is that Imus is a racist. As in "The simple answer would be -- all together now -- racism." And as in Robinson's discussion of Imus' deployment of the admittedly misognynistic term "ho"

It's easy to surmise that Imus came out with the word "ho" because hip-hop is an African American art form and he associated the word with black women. He knew nothing about those women from Rutgers, except that they were black. It's hard to imagine him describing, say, a Swedish basketball team as a bunch of "stringy-haired hos."

Right. I dunno. I always used to listen to Imus when I was a kid. His show is the sort of thing that's hilarious if you're in the crucial 11-16 demographic.