Pentagon Vlogging

It turns out that the Department of Defense, under the rubric does vlogs. Or at least webcasting. Including this semi-hilarious daily news broadcast called "Around the Services." For some reason, they decided that the job of anchoring this show couldn't be done by a civilian contractor and she does it wearing a uniform.

It turns out to be pretty interesting. The report on the Air Force dudes in Afghanistan was neat, I'm always glad to learn more about the military's increasing investment in the Horn of Africa, etc. It all serves as a reminder of how much conventional television has cut back on lengthier reported stories. It's also interesting how much more effective it is to get some competent people together and have them report some good news instead of having a bunch of know-nothings hectoring everyone "why don't you report the good news?!?! Why don't you report the good news?!?!?"