Pelosi's Headscarf


I found this charming photo on NRO where they're apparently under the impression that France is a nation that's in love with headscarves. No, no, of course. They're just trying to say -- as they usually are -- that Democrats are traitors. Frankly, under the circumstances I don't think it even makes sense to bring up the fact that Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice have, like Nancy Pelosi, tended to wear headscarves when appropriate. Pelosi's demonstration that she understands the concept of good manners stands on its own two feet. The true prize pig in this fiasco, however, is Professor Reynolds who offers up this absurd notion:

FEMINIST IN AMERICA, subservient in Syria.

Uh, huh. Since 9/11 we've seen an awful lot of bad faith efforts to deploy feminism on behalf of militarism, but this is new heights of absurdity. I think we can take it for granted that were Pelosi to start rudely thumbing her nose at traditional religious practices -- demanding a yarmulke on feminist grounds in some synagogue -- she'd get attacked for that, too. Are there any actual examples of Reynolds taking a feminist stance on anything for any reason other than to find a pretext for attacking liberals?