No, and Yet . . .

Bad books fall into a few categories, with Jerry Bowyer's The Bush Boom fitting well into the "so transparently stupid it wouldn't even be amusing to scan through looking for the funny parts" section of my catalogue of recent American political commentary. This opinion piece for Fox News, by contrast, belongs firmly on the "not sure whether to laugh or cry" shelf.

"Do I blame Islam for Cho Seung-Hui?" Bowyer asks, before wisely replying "No." He does, however, note a certainly dhimmitude to Cho's approach. "he took a Muslim name to register his discontent — Ismail, the preferred Arab spelling of 'Ishmael,' Abraham’s first son, the disinherited son who took second place to the wealthy Isaac." Robert Farley wonders if the objectively pro terror Herman Melville might be to blame. Bowyer goes on, however, to note the role of liberal tax raisers in prompting this spree killing:

There is a rising tide of resentment in our country against the so-called “rich,” and Christianity, and a Big Mac with fries. Talk-show hosts, op-ed writers, documentarians, and authors of all stripes take part in it. They speak to psychologically healthy audiences, although the bent and wicked are listening in too.