I went down to the annoyingly named Fashion Centre at Pentagon City to play with the gadgets on display in the stores and have reached the following conclusions:

  • You may think my vlogging sucks, but if I had a Mac Pro with all the fixins, Adobe Creative Suite, and Final Cut Studio, my movies would be awesome. I promise.
  • I feel like it's gotten less hype than the XBox 360 or the Wii, but from this non-gamer's perspective, the Playstation 3 seemed pretty sweet.
  • On the other hand, if Sony expects me to buy a Blue-Ray player they really ought to, you know, have some on display in the Sony store. That they have all these gorgeous TVs hooked up to conventional DVD players while the Blue-Ray equipment is off in a corner connected to nothing makes it all seem like a scam.
  • It's possible that the only reason I thought the PS3 was cool was because I was playing NBA Live 2007 against some kid. This confirmed my longstanding suspicion that Dallas swept Miami in the Finals last year because Udonis Haslem obviously can't guard Dirk Nowitzki. Either that or the kid was much better than me at the game.
  • The mall is weirdly busy during business hours. Don't all these people have jobs?

Beyond that, I'm fairly certain that every single one of my friends likes Ted Leo more than I do. And yet, nobody but me seems aware that he has a new album out. And it's good.

UPDATE: Christian sources indicate that today is Good Friday and some people may be off from school/work.