Ever-Larger Media Matt

Okay. The time has come to let you all in on some changes forthcoming soon in my life and on this blog. Most notably, I'm leaving my job at The American Prospect to take a position at The Atlantic Monthly where my primary responsibility is going to be . . . producing this blog. If you read Andrew Sullivan's site -- which is now part of the Atlantic web operation -- that's a very good model for how this is going to work. In short, however, there's actually relatively little to expect in terms of changes. The site will have a snazzy new design (featuring, among other things, Atlantic branding, but no cartoon) and a new URL, but the current URL will redirect you automatically to the new one, and people who subscribe to RSS feeds shouldn't need to change anything. You can expect the same eclectic mix of politics and other stuff that you've come to expect, though in exchange for a salary I think I'm going to try harder to avoid typos.

Logistically, I'm going to leave this afternoon on a trip to some undisclosed locations. You can expect posting to continue, albeit at a reduced rate, until Friday. Friday evening, the DNS propagation of the new URL will being, meaning that over the weekend more-and-more people will start getting redirected to the new site (which will incorporate all of the old site's posts, archives, etc.). By one week for today, everyone should be pointed to the new site and posting will be up to its usual pace as I start my first day on the new job.

Pulling away from the technical details, I should say that while I'm excited about the new gig, the downside will be leaving my previous home at TAP. The Atlantic's offer was far too good an opportunity to turn down, but it's been an honor and a pleasure to work these past three and a half years at a place filled with smart, wonderful people dedicated to advancing worthy ideas. I'm not by any means the first progressive writer who got my start at the Prospect, which has shown a unique and underappreciated commitment to building the next generation of progressive media, and thanks to what Ezra Klein's accomplished, I can leave certain that I won't be the last. At any rate, I think you'll really enjoy the new site once it's up and running. Obviously, none of this is possible without you, the readers, and I thank you all for putting up with yet another URL-and-format switch.