Comedy Corner

David Broder, denouncing Birch Bayh's efforts to award the White House to the winner of the popular vote, not on any specific grounds but out of a generalized anxiety about the dangerous unpredictable radicalism of adopting an electoral system widely in use around the world and right here in the USA, is pretty hilarious. Nothing, however, quite compares with the laugh-out-loud good times provided (via Ross Douthat) by The New York Sun's instant opinion journalism classic urging Dick Cheney to enter the presidential race.


  • "Were Mr. Cheney in the race, it's hard to imagine that the president's approval ratings would not be five or 10 points higher."
  • "He has foreign policy experience. . ."
  • "By our rights, Lynne Cheney would make one of the greatest First Ladies in history."
  • "It was a fine idea then and it still is — not because the current field is particularly weak, but because Mr. Cheney is so much more experienced and shrewd a figure, one who could help settle some of the arguments about the Bush years in favor of Mr. Bush. "
  • Cheney "began his remarks by saying, "A reception like that is almost enough to make you want to run for office again." It is hard to imagine the vice president did not comprehend how tantalizing such a remark would be."

And here I was thinking the GOP were going to go down to Goldwater-esque defeat with El Newt at the helm. Cheney, however, makes Gingrich look like a strong candidate. I'm increasingly convinced that these obviously moronic trial balloons for the Gingriches and Cheneys of the world are part of Fred Thompson's burgeoning inevitability.