Clinton Doomed!

Jerome Armstrong rounds up online preference polls, revealing the big three going 42/25/13 on dKos, and 43/34/8 on MYDD. In third place, of course, is Bill RIchardson. Barack Obama's in second. And that's John Edwards with the commanding lead. Hillary Clinton's a distant fourth, pulling in three and four percent respectively. She does better in a MoveOn poll -- 11 percent -- that actually places her in fifth behind Dennis Kucinich's surprisingly strong 17 percent. Jerome makes a valiant effort to spin this as demonstrating something other than the netroots being out of touch with general Democratic sentiment, but is good enough to concede that he doesn't "expect Clinton to get blown away with single-digits." And good for him.

Clinton's pathetic results, however, are no suprise to people who read blogs regularly. I'm intrigued by the fact that Edwards is so much stronger among the netroots than among Democrats at large. In theory, Edwards' electoral center of gravity should be among the white working class and perhaps among older voters. To me, it's reminiscent of the way the Kerry versus Edwards primaries. There, too, Edwards' support was concentrated among highly educated upscale voters, even though Edwards' supporters would normally cite his greater appeal to working class voters as the reason to back him.