A New Scandal

You may have read Keelin McDonell or Kriston Capps on the scandals at the Smithsonian Institution that forced Lawrence Small's resignation. Nevertheless, it was still somewhat shocking that when I went with Young Nick to the Natural History museum on Friday, we saw this on display:

Global Cooling?

In (sort of) defense of the museum, this panel was more-or-less part of a human evolution display that was marked with a disclaimer explaining that the science was outdated and that the museum was hoping to get a new exhibit up soon. Worst of all, I've now been forced to choose between posting this funny photo and the knowledge that people will seize upon it to try to discredit contemporary global warming science. For the record, here's a good place to start on the difference between the highly speculative "global cooling" scare of the 1970s and the much firmer, more widespread global warming consensus of today.