Just Add Muck


Kriston Capps discusses his proposed Marinettini:

2 oz gin
1 tbsp dry vermouth
2 tbsp motor oil
2 steel ball bearings

The man himself, however, already described his beverage of choice in The Futurist Manifesto, namely "Oh, maternal ditch, half full of muddy water! A factory gutter! I savored a mouthful of strengthening muck which recalled the black teat of my Sudanese nurse!"

Marinetti, interestingly, also seems to have a piece of Apple IIGS software named after him. More futurism can be found here. Marinetti and the Belgian surrealist Renée Magritte share the crucial distinction of being the only two artists I actually know anything about. A friend once described them as both doing "art for people who don't like art" which I suppose might be true.