Dual Loyalties

"Jews can't seem to tolerate, let alone embrace, the fastest growing Christian movement in America, a movement that views support for Israel as central to its mission," whines Abby Wisse Schachter in The Weekly Standard, complaining that "what Jews hate are Republicans and the conservative agenda." Adam Kushner does a great job with Schachter, but let me make a couple of additional points. One is that the nature of Christian Zionism's "support" for Israel has become increasingly unhinged. I think, for example, that an Israeli military strike on Iran would actually be counterproductive to Israeli security interests in several ways. John Hagee goes much further than I and actually believes an Israeli attack on Iran will lead to Israel's conquest and utter extinction.

The differnece is that Hagee runs a group called Christians United for Israel and thinks US policy should be aimed at encouraging Israel to launch the war he believes will lead to its conquest and destruction. AIPAC, acting a little bit crazy and a little bit foolish, is Hagee best pal but most Jewish Americans can smell a rat here. The other thing to say is that we once again see conservative Jews berating their much more numerous liberal co-religionists on the grounds that we are failing to manifest dual loyalties, but just try suggesting in print that "pro-Israel" groups are trying to foster a sense of dual loyalties and see how The Weekly Standard reacts to that (the Standard, it seems to me, is actually loyal only to the cause of war and bloodshed rather than any particular nation; though they clearly do prefer Americans or Israelis to be either killing or dying).