Double Surge!

The great leader Petraeus says the surge is so successful it may need to get surgier, with even more troops thrown into the mix. This is, I think, the trouble with trying to solve Iraq's problems through sheer force of numbers at this point; if there are signs of improving conditions does that mean you need more troops (in which case what are you achieving) or fewer troops (in which case the problems will just come back)? The American strategy for Iraq can't be that we need an endlessly escalating military presence forever.

Through no fault of anyone's in the military, meanwhile, the administration has managed to become totally confused about our objectives in the region, where we're no longer sure if we're fighting Iran or al-Qaeda, if we're encouraging or discouraging sectarian conflict, if we favor Sunnis or Shiites. Under the circumstances, we can't possibly be brokering a viable political settlement; we don't even know what our goals are.