Compounding Sins

I missed it the first time around when Glenn Beck called Hillary Clinton a "stereotypical bitch." Now I see via Brendan Nyhan that he followed up later explaining "I never said that Hillary Clinton -- excuse the language -- I never said that Hillary Clinton was a bitch. I said she sounded like one." Which, if you check the transcript, is arguably true, but hardly a defense.

Which brings around a larger question I don't think I've aired on this blog: Why on earth does Glenn Beck have that show on CNN Headline News? I'm not what you'd call a regular reader, but there's outrageous crap like this on every time I tune in. They just stop doing regular news for a little while and give us all our daily does of GOP talking points, misogyny, Arab- and Muslim-bashing, etc. And for what? Because the right-wing cable news niche seemed empty?