"Interest Group"

A small complaint, but I'll make it anyway. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Starting today, Democratic presidential hopefuls have a new contest to vie for: the endorsement of MoveOn.org. The influential progressive interest group, which boosts of having 3.2 million members, plans to hold three “virtual town hall” meetings with the candidates starting next month. At the first, on April 10, the candidates will answer questions from MoveOn members about Iraq; sessions later this year will focus on health care and energy policy.

In what sense is MoveOn an "interest group"? An interest group, classically, is something like a business consortium or a labor union -- an organization with a financial interest in legislative outcomes. The term's been expanded, somewhat abusively I think, to include your narrower ideological groups like NARAL or the NRA. But MoveOn isn't that, either. It's just a group. An effort of somewhat likeminded people to band together in order to obtain some voice in the process.