Who's Running This Campaign?

So . . . Amanda Marcotte's resigned from the Edwards campaign after all, apparently once a fairly tame remark in her review of Children of Men prompted another Donohue outburst. Marcotte's explanation -- roughly that she didn't want to feel constrained in what she could write, and also that she didn't want to drag the Edwards campaign down -- makes perfect sense. Indeed, that's why think I wouldn't take a job even with a candidate I was super-enthusiastic about -- I like to speak (and blog) my mind in a way that's not conducive to being on the staff of a presidential campaign.

But that's where things get puzzling to me. How is it that the Edwards campaign didn't manage to say in advance that people were going to have to stop blogging if they want to work on the campaign? Similarly, based on their own reaction to the controversy it appears that nobody at the campaign decided to vet Marcotte before they hired her? Presumably, these were both decisions handled at a fairly low level (I doubt Edwards himself was huddled in a room with three top advisors discussing blog hiring policy for hours until after controversies started breaking out) but it all seems a little amateurish. Whoever came up with the health care plan seems really smart, maybe they should ask his or her advice on more things.