What Liberal Media?

One could write posts about this all day and all night, but Ezra Klein asks himself the good question of why The Washington Post is outsourcing its "Best of the Web" feature to Real Clear Politics, an intelligent but distinctly conservative, political site. Why not MyDD?

Similarly, I may as well admit to myself that I'm never going to be a New Yorker writer and express my consternation that they've got Jeffrey Goldberg profiling Joe Lieberman. It's a New Yorker article, so it's hardly "bad" as such, but the magazine has a bizarre hawkish monomania. Goldberg did some terrible pre-war work in their pages hyping all sorts of nonsense, was commissioned just a few weeks ago to write about how everyone to the left of Evan Bayh is an isolationist, and the other guy who writes about US foreign policy for the magazine is George Packer. Why does this not-even-ideological magazine adhere so rigidly to a right-of-center line on national security issues? It's the damn New Yorker it's not like nobody else would take the job if they were interested in ever letting a different point of view surface.

UPDATE: Sy Hersh, of course, stupid mistake. And Hendrick Hertzberg writes for the Talk of the Town. What I had in mind was that neither of them gets these sort of feature profile writing assignments about politicians and American politics. But it's much less clear-cut than what I wrote.