What A Time It Was

Via Eve Fairbanks, here's hot video of Mitt Romney debating Shannon O'Brien in 2002 and elaborating on his strong pro-choice convictions:

For a bit of background here, let me just say that I was living in Massachusetts during this election, and when Romney said he supported a woman's right to choose I believed him. Watch the video, and I think you'll see that Romney is acting a little indignant. And, at the time, I thought rightly so. His opponent's camp tried now and again to insert the choice issue into the race even though Romney had a perfectly consistent pro-choice record going back to his 1994 campaign against Ted Kennedy. Why shouldn't he have been indignant? Well, the dude turns out to be a decent liar; though it's hard to say which position, if any, is the one he ever really believed in. You get the sense he'd say babies come from storks if he thought that was the way to advance his political career.