I woke up earliesh this morning to buy tickets to the upcoming Arcade Fire show as soon as they went on sale, as did most of my friends. As it turns out, I succeeded in this endeavor. Most people I know who tried this, however, actually failed as demand was just that high.

Which once again raises the question nobody wants to ask: Why aren't tickets for popular rock shows more expensive? Not that these were cheap. They listed at $30 but once all the fees were included, it came out to $43.60 for mine. Still, even at that price, the whole show sold out literally within minutes. And that was totally predictable -- there's a reason we were all ready to click at exactly 10:01 AM on Saturday morning. Why not charge $75 a ticket? It's hard for me to think of any other area of the economy where businesses seem to leave this much money on the table. I guess I'm glad they do it this way (though I imagine some of the people who couldn't get tickets at $43.60 would've been glad to pay $50 to go to the show) but it seems odd.