The Party of Resentment

Katherine Jean-Lopez dreams of a Dick Cheney presidential bid, noting in favor that "Bush Derangement Syndrome would be nothing compared to the Left during the 2008 campaign season — and the Left would be united in their insanity. Hillary and Obama would strike a deal. Soros and Geffen would not even hesitate." She then follows this up:

Best suggestion for optimum Left reaction:
  • Cheney - Bush (Jeb) 2008.
  • Secretary of State Bolton.

The idea that pissing off liberals might not be the be-all and end-all public life doesn't seem to have occurred to her. I have this notion that, ceteris paribus at least, it's a good thing to have broadly appealing figure in American politics -- people who don't go out of their way to alienate substantial segments of the population, and who try to impress the skeptics with high-level job performance once in office. If, of course, you look at things the other way and are just searching for a candidate that I'll really, really despite you're going to be stuck with a team composed entirely of fools and incompetents -- the only people with the requisite total absence of redeeming qualities necessary to produce the hatred the right is looking for.