Shocking News: Walker is a Chucker!

John Hollinger commenting on NBA players having disappointing seasons, concedes that "We had to anticipate a little slippage from Miami's vets this season . . . but that doesn't mean we should have expected Walker's 3-point Brick-O-Rama extravaganza." Really? We shouldn't? Walker has long demonstrate a mysterious passion for the inaccurate trey. This season he's taking 3.9 per game and only hitting 28 percent. Bad, yes. But in 2003-2004 he was taking 3.7 per game and only hitting 27 percent. In 1999-2000 he was taking 3.5 per game and only hitting 25.6 percent. For his career, Walker shoots 32.7 percent from downtown, which is better, but still not good enough. You don't really want guys regularly shooting threes unless they can hit them over a third of the time. Walker averages 4.8 a game over the course of his career.