Price Discrimination

This story sure is weird. I thought everybody knew that if you could read the Chinese-language menus in NYC's Chinatown (and, I assumed, Chinatowns elsewhere) that you would find lower prices on at least some dishes. Now it's not only being reported as a big scandal, the city's Human Rights Commission is looking into it. Travelers to poorer countries are surely also familiar with this phenomenon, where the staff will sometimes be able to helpfully provide you with an English-language menu featuring higher prices. I'm not really sure what's wrong with this kind of business practice; it's no different from offering student fares on airlines or senior citizens' discounts at movie theaters.

UPDATE: Let me say a bit more about this. The people suffering from the discrimination here are people who can't speak Chinese. It's not as if we non-sinophones are some kind of incredibly put-upon and powerless minority here in the United States that needs city officials to be zealously defending our rights.