The alleged trend is no doubt bogus but even one family moving cross-country and making a mess of the grownups' lives so the kids could go to a certain prep school is one too many:

As in this article($) in today's Wall Street Journal, which tells the story of a husband and wife who found the perfect private school for their high schools daughters, a tony prep school near Boston. Unfortunately, they lived in Los Angeles. So, naturally, the husband quit his job, they sold their house, and they moved to small apartment in Boston. It took him three months to find a new job, so they had to run through most of their savings and the money they made on the home sale in order to live and pay the $56,000 school tuition. Their furniture is still in L.A., because they can't afford to move it, and the wife, who used to stay home, is now looking for work. But it was all worth it, because their daughters are learning Greek.

"I hope it was at least Winsor," I thought, before clicking the link to see that it was, indeed, Winsor, a piece of information that fortunately was available in the free preview section. Since I haven't read the whole thing, I don't know what was wrong with LA's own tony prep schools (I believe Harvard-Westlake is the one to go to), but it seems clear to me that if you live in California and want to send your kids to school in New England the thing to do is take advantage of the area's many fine boarding schools. Are there no Grotons? What price Milton?