Ironic, Indeed

Ed Kilgore writes:

When it comes to TNR specifically, one irritant to progressive blogospheric opinion is definitely going to be the continuing role of Marty Peretz as editor-in-chief. The big irony is that Marty's fantasy is an Al Gore candidacy in 2008, which also happens to be the fantasy of Markos and other netroots detractors of The New Republic. In the unlikely event that Gore decides to run, it will be fascinating to watch lefty bloggers make common cause with Peretz, as against the ostensibly more liberal cynics at TNR and elsewhere.

It's actually quite a bit worse than that. If you read the Spine, it's clear that Peretz -- like the bulk of the netroots, myself included -- doesn't care for the junior senator from New York and also shares a certain level of Obama-mania to which I'm by no means immune, though I'm trying to remain rational. How do I feel about this? Not so good! especially since my concerns with Clinton tend to specifically focus on the foreign policy issues where I'm least likely to agree with Peretz on the merits. The world is a strange place.