Photo by Lady K

I was going to say something about New Republic editor in chief Martin Peretz's vile smears against George Soros, but I'm trying to maintain a positive demeanor so let's just say his take on blow-dried politicians is genuinely amusing and move on.

Off topic, let me also note that I don't quite understand why the Grizzlies are trying to trade Pau Gasol; normally it seems to me that you only want to trade your team's best player if he's old and past -- or nearly past -- his peak performance level. Gasol's only 26, not worrying about hairline like Joe Biden, and he still seems to be improving.

All that said, the reason I'm trying to maintain a positive demeanor is that it turned out this morning that I needed to . . . delete my entire hard drive and do a clean installation of the system software. Fortunately, almost all of my files were backed up, but I did lose a significant chunk of a draft of one chapter of the book. It did, however, present an opportunity to further re-think my software commitments. Thus, I've downloaded Camino and have been using it this afternoon. It's pretty good. People in love with their Firefox plugins will probably be disappointed by the relative paucity of similar offerings for Camino, but I never really used much of that stuff.