Okay, this seems a little too petty to post on, but since there's now a MYDD Facebook group and a TPM Fans Facebook group it seems worth pointing out that back in summer 2006 or so somebody created a "Matthew Yglesias is Kinda Awesome" Facebook group. I bring this up because every now and again I get Facebook requests from people I don't know who, I assume, are readers. There's been a big uptick in this over the past few days which I'm guessing is related to the MYDD and TPM groups.

At any rate, in the nicest possible way I'd sort of rather keep my page oriented toward brick and mortal IRL friends. If you only know me and the other commenters on this site through the blog, I'd recommend the group. In other news, is it possible that Jackson Diehl is being unfair to Bush here and congressional Democrats are just engaged in a little posturing?