Don't Believe Caron Butler's Lies

After a baffling interaction with Pizza Hut, which first insisted its website wasn't working even though it clearly was, and then insisted that our house was outside its delivery radius even though it's four blocks away, we turned out attention to Papa John's whose website was advertising "Caron's 3 Point Play: One Large Three Topping, Breadsticks and a 2-Liter" for $18.99 -- what hungry Wizards fan could resist? Not me. It turns out, though, that you don't really get three toppings. You get one topping on the whole pizza, one topping on one half of the pizza, and one topping on the other half. And it doesn't really cost $18.99, either. Once you add in the delivery charge and taxes, it comes to $22.54. They also asserted that $1 was going to go to Butler's charity 3D. After discovering what a liar Butler turned out to be, naturally I had to look into that alleged charity. It turns out ot be legit, but their website reveals Butler's given name to be "James". Basically, everything about the man and his pizza deals is a sham. Except, of course, for his game.

In other Wizards blog news, contrary to Dave Berri's pre-emptive attack, I agree with him about Antawn Jamison. The Wizards stink without him less because he's a great player than simply because he's a good player with awful backup. I do, however, sort of disagree with the "overrated" characterization just because I don't think there's actually much disagreement about this. The Wages of Wins "overrated" list seems to me to be based not only on a debatable model of quality, but on a clearly flawed model of ratedness.