Did This Happen?

I don't like to trust paraphrases, but Jonathan Singer summary of Tom Vilsack's appearance at the Democratic candidates' forum in Nevada says "Final question covers Social Security and Medicare. Vilsack talks about balancing the budget of these programs by reindexing the program to prices, not prices and wages." Did Vilsack really say that? It's kind of technical, so people could easily miss it, but that means, over time, very large cuts in Social Security benefits.

My argument against price indexing from early 2005.

UPDATE: Also -- I forgot to mention this, but it strikes me as a somewhat bad idea for the Democratic primary calendar to be literally organized around a series of interest group-sponsored dog-and-pony shows (I believe that after this AFSCME forum later in the year we're going to have an SEIU forum and doubtless more will be coming down the road). It presents a somewhat caricatured view of the Democratic Party and progressive politics. Either the DNC or the state parties should take the lead in organizing a reasonable number of events.