Catholic League

A lot of folks are strolling back through the archives in search of Bill Donohue's past outbursts and so forth, but it's really worth taking a look at his less outrageous statements here in the Catholic League's press releases page. You'll quickly get a portrait of a petty, insane little man. See him assail Black Christman ("when it comes to blood and gore flicks, they never open on Christmas Day . . . It’s not so much the plot of ‘Black Christmas’ that bothers us—a wacko who terrorizes college girls at Christmas—it’s the fact that the Weinstein boys are back again, choosing a title and an opening date to make their latest statement"), attack Barbara Walters ("playing house mom to bigots"), defend Dennis Prager, and so forth.

There's nothing really all that offensive about these statements (except insofar as the Weinstein-bashing seems, in the context of Donohue's larger record of anti-semitism, to be partially about his anti-semitism) but they're . . . crazy. Nobody should be taking this guy seriously.