Beyerstein on Blogs and Campaigns

Lindsay Beyerstein has a fantastic article up on Salon about how she was approached to work for the Edwards internet team, why she declined, the ensuing Marcotte controversy, etc:

I was dazzled by Edwards' speech, Bob's vision and the sense that I might be on the verge of the big time. I wanted to jump on the bus, but I knew I couldn't.

"I'm probably not ... the person you want," I said, finally. "I mean, I'm on the record saying that abortion is good and that all drugs should be legalized, including heroin. Don't you think that might be a little embarrassing for the campaign?"

Bob assured me that my controversial posts weren't a problem as far as the campaign was concerned. They were familiar with my work. And Bob did seem to know my writing. I didn't get the impression he was a daily reader, but it was obvious he had been reading the blog for a while.

This, to me, doesn't sound like a campaign whose staff is quite firing on all cylinders.