In case you were wondering, here's the Spartacist take on the Iranian nuclear issue:

More nuanced ideas are also available this fine weekend. Laura Secor's excellent look at the Iranian political scene makes several points explicitly and I'd recommend you read the article yourself though you can also find Ogged's take here. A couple of additional points are made implicitly by the article. One is simply that Iranian politics is complicated. It's complicated institutionally, it's complicated ideologically, and it's complicated in terms of personalities and factions. The other point is that while you'd certainly rather live in a liberal democracy than under the Iranian political system, this is no kind of totalitarianism and the many people throwing that word around are just warmongering ignorantly.

The other must-read, via David Kurtz, is The Observer's look at the actual state of the Iranian nuclear program. It's not so hot. Building nuclear bombs is hard. The Iranians don't have access to the method materials, nor is the program funded as heavily as it might be. Right now, they aren't making very much progress.