The New Charles Lindberg

Oh, excellent, now Jonah Goldberg says I'm Charles Lindberg. Fantastic. See Ezra. I'll cop to not actually knowing anything about the real historical record of Lindberg, but I take the point of the reference to be a not-so-thinly veiled effort to once again call Wesley Clark and myself anti-semites. One noteworthy thing about the way these debates unfold is that people taking the Jonah G. side of these arguments invariably twist people's words around. Look back through this current controversy and you'll see that I don't accuse "the Jews" of having a pernicious influence on anything. If you do want to talk about "the Jews" as a class, we've had a beneficial impact on US foreign policy lately, voting in overwhelming numbers for congressional Democrats, putting Nancy Pelosi in the Speaker's Chair and thereby somewhat restraining Bush's poor national security policies.

The claim is that specific American Jews and the organizations they run and finance have had a pernicious impact on American foreign policy (these guys, say). Lots of Jewish Americans -- Russ Feingold, M.J. Rosenberg, Eric Alterman -- are trying to have a positive impact on American foreign policy.