Marc Stein observes of the big Indiana/Golden State trade that "To be swayed back in Indiana's direction would require knowing that Diogu will definitely turn out to be a player." I'm not sure I understand exactly why Diogu changed so quickly from "untouchable" (when the Pacers wanted him in exchange for Ron Artest) to "throw-in" in Golden State's mind. The emergence of Andris Biedrins presumably has something to do with it, but just because he's playing well doesn't actually alter Diogu's value as a prospect.

What's more, as best I can tell Diogu's a good player right now -- 7.2 points and 3.7 rebounds doesn't sound like much, but it's all coming in 13 minutes per game. Dude's got a .530 field goal percentage and shoots almost 80 percent from the free throw line. Those aren't "prospect" numbers, he could be a 20/10 guy if he played serious minutes and he's only 23 years old. Maybe the Warriors have some secret information that made them willing to part with the guy. Heck, maybe they had some reason for limiting him to 13 mpg. It's certainly not obvious, though. It certainly looks to me, though, like Diogu is pretty definitely a player.