I thought Greg Sargent did an adequate response to Joe Klein's response to me. I am curious, however, about Klein's view that my post undermined my reputation for "substance over slime." I genuinely don't think I slimed Klein at all. We seem to disagree about the significance of David Broder writing an unusually mean column about Hillary Clinton. Klein viewed Broder's unusual meanness as evidence that Clinton's behavior was unusually egregious. I view it as evidence of a continuing pattern of Broder bearing an irrational level of ill-will toward the Clintons. I think Klein and I even agree about Klein's view of the Clintons (seriously, read the book if you're interested; Klein's domestic policy views are significantly to my right, but it's still an interesting book).

For an example of actual slime, I think you have to turn to Jonah Goldberg's repeated writings on me at the Corner -- I'd just like to be clear as to whether or not Jonah's trying to say I'm an anti-semite as he seems to be waffling on this point.