With Pau Gasol apparently on the market and Kevin Garnett apparently not, it seems logical for the Chicago Bulls to contemplate moving some of the assets oft-mentioned in a Garnett context for Pau instead. Thus, Chris Sheridan: "The Bulls are currently puttering along at five games over .500 and sitting fifth in the weak Eastern Conference, needing a capable low-post scorer like humans need oxygen." It's true, of course, that Chicago lacks low-post scoring, but it's not obvious to me that this is a requirement for being a good team. Look at the league in order of offensive efficiency and you'll see that the second-best team is the Wizards, who have no interior offense whatsoever (they lack interior defense but Chicago has that). Number three is Dallas, which doesn't really have a low-post scorer either. Then you get the Lakers, where Andrew Bynum provides some low-post scoring along with much promise, but is hardly a dominant presence at this point. Then it's San Antonio, then Utah, then Detroit, then Milwaukee, then Seattle, and then the Knicks round out the top ten.

There's not an obvious pattern here -- some top-notch offensive teams have major low-post threats, some of so-so low-post games, some have none whatsoever. Chicago's offense isn't middling because it's all from the perimeter, it's middling just because it's middling -- Ben Gordon is no Gilbert Arenas. Which isn't to say that Chicago shouldn't make a deal for Gasol if they can get a good offer, he's a great player, etc., etc., but Chicago really needs any kind of improved offensive player.