I know things are getting tougher for Joe Biden, but earlier today Atrios raised the other big about him, namely how is it that people who are "knowledgeable about foreign policy" seem to have had such a poor foreign policy track record for the past several years. Elsewhere in the article, after the Quotation of Doom, comes this paragraph:

Mr. Biden says that support for his Iraq plan is growing. The influential New York Senator Chuck Schumer has declared at various times that he supports the plan—albeit in an uncharacteristically quiet manner—as has Michael O’Hanlon, a prominent Iraq policy expert at the Brookings Institution.

O'Hanlon, though, is another Biden. A guy who's "knowledgeable about foreign policy" but keeps getting everything wrong. It's really too early to tell at this point, but for me one of the major questions looking at the primaries is going to be what indication we have of whether or not any of our presidential contenders is likely to find the Democratic Party a better group of "knowledgeable about foreign policy" people instead of relying on the same old strategic class types. If not, the wide open road of the future starts looking pretty narrow.