Feathers on a Fish


According to Rep. John Dingell (D-Car companies) a special congressional committee on climate change would be "as relevant and useful as feathers on a fish." Fish, obviously, don't have feathers but it's not clear to me that this is because fish feathers would be irrelevant or useless. Scales, after all, are hardly necessary for the aquatic lifestyle as the many familiar examples of sea-faring mammals -- whales, dolphins, seals -- will clarify. And, of course, the penguin is a sort-of "feathered fish," a bird extremely well-designed for swimming. Dingell can also refer to the case of the duck, the swan, etc.

Meaningful short-term action on climate change doesn't appear to be forthcoming, but the point here is that it'll never be forthcoming if Dingell gets his way. The committee Nancy Pelosi is proposing would have the authority to call and hold hearings and thus possibly (let's be optimistic) further build public support for action.