Department of Irony

Wesley Clark raises the role of wealthy right-wing Jews in pushing toward a military confrontation with Iran and get smeared as an anti-semite. I defend Clark. Jon Chait in the virtual pages of The New Republic attacks me. But, obviously, rich right-wing Jews like the owners of The New Republic have nothing to do with the drive toward a military confrontation with Iran, right?

I will grant Chait this, insofar as Clark was trying to say that rich rightwing Jews could cause a war with Iran all on their own he's clearly overstating things. We're talking about an influential group of people, but not an all-powerful one. That said, Chait's being willfully naive if he thinks the groups I cited as pushing for military actions against Iran aren't actually pushing for such action. It's true that one can be concerned about the prospect of a nuclear Iran and also concerned about the prospect of American or Israeli military strikes. I put myself in that category. What you need to do to get into that category is express concern about both things. That's not what JINSA or AIPAC or the rest of them are doing -- they're laying the groundwork for the initiation of war.