More Questions than Answers

Looks like Allen Iverson is going to be traded. Of course, the Sixers tried to put him on the market last June/July and couldn't find a deal they were happy with and offers are only going to be less generous now, with Philly obviously under the gun and less cap money around.

The problem, at the end of the day, is that Iverson, for all his superstar status, is a pretty unattractive trade commodity and I can't imagine the Sixers getting anything in return that their fans are going to be happy with. People are talking about Minnesota, but they could only offer Philly crap in return. So let's open it up to the floor -- who on the team you root for would you want to trade for Iverson? It seems very hard to put an attractive offer together once you take the need to match salaries into account . . . presumably Philly's not looking for a bunch of bad contracts. Maybe the Knicks think they don't have enough shoot-first point guards yet. You could play Jamal Crawford at center, with Steve Francis at the four, Marbury at three, Iverson at two, and little Nate Robinson running the point.