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What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Northeast

Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak.

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What American accent do you have?
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The quiz speaks the truth. I am, indeed, from the Northeast and even specifically from New York as they specify. Of course the northeast, at least to this northeasterner's ear, comes with a variety of sub-accents. At least among older and less educated people minimally impacted by the ongoing homogenization of American speech you can detect distinct North Jersey, Long Island, Rhode Island, etc. variations of the accent. A few of the characters on The Wire (Colvin's Deputy Commander in the Western District, the Assistant Principal at Edward Tilgman Middle) have opened our ears to the traditional speech patterns of Baltimore's white ethnic types.

This comes via Jim Henley. In terms of American accents, the thing I find really weird are the people who pronounce "bag" like it rhymes with "vague." I used to think this was just how Canadians talk, but it seems to be widespread in our northern midwest and so forth as well.