Someone forgot to send John Derbyshire the memo: "John Kerry is awful, and anything we can do further to degrade his political prospects is worth doing. But really, I saw a clip of him making the much-deplored remark, and it was obvious that the dimwit in Iraq that he referred to was George W. Bush, not the American soldier. It was a dumb joke badly delivered, but his meaning was plain. My pleasure in watching JK squirm is just as great as any other conservative's, but something is owed to honesty. There's a lot of fake outrage going round here."

K-Lo denies that the Corner's all-misrepresenting-Kerry-all-the-time strategy is "part of any kind of coordinated response." That's just silly. In the new information age, pretty much all responses are coordinated responses. Statements and press releases get emailed around lightning quick, and it's perfectly clear on any given day what it is the Powers That Be would like me to be writing about. That doesn't mean anyone needs to take the bait -- I haven't, for example, been plugging the Allen Assault Gambit story -- but people know what's on-message and what isn't. The fact that Kerry's "insult" to the troops is not only a trivial matter, but wasn't actually an insult is immaterial; this is the distraction the GOP wants today, and it's a distraction conservative pundits are happy to provide.