The PowerPoint of Doom


Here's the slide somebody handed over to The New York Times's Michael Gordon, providing a graphical depiction of the US military's view that the situation in Iraq has gone to shit -- moving from a bad situation before the February shrine attack in Samarra toward a state of inc reasing chaos. In addition, "An intelligence summary at the bottom of the slide reads 'urban areas experiencing "ethnic cleansing" campaigns to consolidate control' and 'violence at all-time high, spreading geographically.'"

Meanwhile, in yesterday's editorial making the case for the GOP, National Review argued it was vital to keep the Democrats out of power, because only a Republican majority can protect the American public from accurate information about Iraq: "their victory would undoubtedly strengthen the forces who want to declare Iraq a defeat and come home. Partisan oversight hearings will politicize every military miscalculation, every dime misspent, and every abuse by our allies (real or imagined). The effect will be to sap what public support remains for seeing the job done in Iraq. The doomsday clock on our commitment in Iraq will have lurched a few minutes closer to midnight."

Vote GOP: We'll maintain a cocoon of denial!